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Our Soul Purpose

Exhausted by the relentless stream of gloom being thrown in your face every day by the media?

Frazzled by the stress, anxiety, and loneliness of the modern lifestyle?

Life is better than this, right?


HOPE & STONE is an optimistic haven for you to create a space you want to escape to. We believe that the things you own should bring you positive vibes and make your soul happy. We work with suppliers from across the globe to bring you carefully selected product lines chosen especially to help you escape the gloom and create a life of bliss. Our passion for yoga, travel, and contemporary design has inspired us to create a store with not just stuff in it, but items of beauty and meaning that will soothe your soul and bring you joy. 

From gorgeous handmade healing crystal jewellery designed to light you up inside and out to chic handmade dream catchers with a modern twist, we offer you items that will help you to connect with your spiritual side but aren’t too much like your wacky auntie’s New Age hand-me-downs. This is a sanctuary where you can feed your inner hippy and still feel like a hipster.

Our focus is on happiness. We hope you will find it here.

Good vibes only x