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Mandala Floor / Throw Cushion Cover - Bright Green
Mandala Floor / Throw Cushion Cover - Bright Green

Mandala Floor / Throw Cushion Cover - Bright Green


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Add a touch of fascination to your interior with this beautiful Mandala Floor/Throw Cushion Cover. Featuring a design based on the traditional mandala pattern, this cushion will bring balance and focus to any room.

Mandalas are circular representations of the entire universe. Mandalas have been used in spiritual practice for centuries to open up a more spiritual essence.  Designed to be visually appealing, Mandalas use geometrical shapes to absorb the analytical part of the mind, opening up the creative part and making way for higher consciousness.

Used in interior design, mandalas can balance a room and bring about a sense of peace and harmony.

Don't have a suitable cushion core? Don't worry, grab one 100% compatible with this cushion cover here.

Material: Polyester

Size: 43cm (~16.9 inches)

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